Books I recommend (kids-teens)

I can’t give reasons why you should read these books, you just should. I love books, they help me escape, especially these ones. Warning: some can make you cry for days on end and not leave the house for a week.(Nervous laughing..)

  • The Harry Potter series
  • The secret garden
  • Witch child
  • Montmerency
  • Carries war
  • Five children on the western front
  • Rooftoppers
  • A series of unfortunate events
  • Miss Perigrines home for peculiar children series
  • Alice in wonderland series
  • The kingdom under the sea
  • What Katy did
  • The phantom tolbooth
  • The executioners daughter
  • Fans of the impossible life
  • Darkling wood
  • Mary Poppins
  • I capture the castle

This will be continued. Have you guys got any book recommendations?- leave a message! See you guys soon



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