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Hi guys sorry I haven’t posted in a while! I’m probably not gonna post on this for ages or mabye never. However I’m not gonna delete it in case I do want to post.



Retro (inspired by lucymoon)

(I cant find the pic for this on soz lol)

•Cute (inspired by Dodie clark)

•Cool and ever so slightly Grunge (inspired by Hollylolly999)

•Cute pink (inspired by grace Vandervall)

•Turtle neck under a dress (inspired by Grace Vandervall)

•Candy look (inspired by tessa violet


•Joggers! This is currently all I wear! 

Thanks for making it all the way to the end guys! Leave a comment. See you soon 


TV shows I recommend 

Tv shows great- amarite? Alot of these aren’t on TV anymore so I watch them on Netflix/channel4catchup ect- appologys!

  • That 70s show
  • IT crowd
  • Travel man
  • George Clarks amazing spaces
  • Parks and recreation 
  • A series of unfortunate events  (Please read the books first!!)
  • Fresh prince of bell air
  • Worst witch 

I can’t think of anything else right now but keep a look out for updates. See you soon!


Books I recommend (kids-teens)

I can’t give reasons why you should read these books, you just should. I love books, they help me escape, especially these ones. Warning: some can make you cry for days on end and not leave the house for a week.(Nervous laughing..)

  • The Harry Potter series
  • The secret garden
  • Witch child
  • Montmerency
  • Carries war
  • Five children on the western front
  • Rooftoppers
  • A series of unfortunate events
  • Miss Perigrines home for peculiar children series
  • Alice in wonderland series
  • The kingdom under the sea
  • What Katy did
  • The phantom tolbooth
  • The executioners daughter
  • Fans of the impossible life
  • Darkling wood
  • Mary Poppins
  • I capture the castle

This will be continued. Have you guys got any book recommendations?- leave a message! See you guys soon